Florida Travel Nursing

Travel Nursing in Florida is a truly rewarding experience that allows you to experience the beauty and wonder of this fascinating state. Florida is the perfect destination for many RNs because there is an enormity of travel nursing jobs in Florida open.

Florida provides the perfect combination of cultural diversity, unique landscapes and sunny weather. Plus, no one can resist a visit to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Benefits of Florida Travel Nursing

Control Your Career — You are in charge of your own career as a travel nurse and are able to make important choices regarding location, facility type and pay rate. Communication between you and your recruiter ensures that your assignments meet your professional goals and personal preferences.

Professional Growth —Travel nursing, though challenging, helps you to refine your skills as a nursing professional. Travel nursing in Florida can be a great asset to your resume because you will acquire diverse skills and knowledge as you are placed in different working environments. Sometimes you will be the one mentoring others on nursing practices that you have learned.

Work Opportunities & Great Benefits — Florida has one of the greatest needs for nurses in the country. Many nurses come to this location in the winter to trade in their cold climates for Florida’s warm weather. If you choose to work with an agency, they often provide some really great benefit packages that include medical and dental insurance. In addition, some may also offer 401k, free housing, travel reimbursement, travel allowance/reimbursement, disability or liability insurance, free or low-cost continuing-education courses and licensure reimbursement.

Family and Children — Many companies will gladly accommodate you and your family during your assignment. Upon request, your recruiter should be able to help you find housing that will provide a great living space for your family. Many nurses find that it’s a great experience to have their children exposed to the diversity of cultures, people and neighborhoods unique to Florida. For the most part, Florida is also a very pet-friendly environment with lots of parks and outdoor spaces that your four-legged family members are sure to enjoy. In any case, Florida can provide excellent professional and personal opportunities, as well as experiences that your family can enjoy.

Environment and Setting — As one of the most beautiful states in the country, Florida has an incredible amount to offer any traveler. You can relax on pristine beaches or explore the fantastic diversity of wildlife while snorkeling in the coral reefs. If you prefer a more metropolitan scene, Miami offers a sizzling nightlife. Or if you like to bring the whole family along, you can visit popular attractions such as Disney World , Epcot Center or Universal Studios. One thing’s for sure, wherever you go in Florida, you’re bound to enjoy the “Sunshine State.”